About CommunityGrove

CommunityGrove offers custom Internet development for small to medium sized organizations using industry-leading GNU and Open Source solutions.

Rather than closing as many deals as possible and farming the work out to the lowest bidder, we choose clients carefully, building long-term trust relationships that are optimized to best meet our clients' immediate and long-term goals.

Support agreements include managed hosting, continuous performance and security monitoring, customized training, and 24x7 phone and email support.



  • Visual design
  • Software development
  • Content development
  • Social media campaigns
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Managed hosting
  • Performance and security monitoring
  • Support and training


Why Drupal

With so many otther successful frameworks, why Drupal? In a word, flexibility. In a few more words...


Drupal is free software released under the GNU GPL. This license maximizes everyone's freedoms. There are no licensing fees or proprietary vendor lock-in.


Drupal attracts a worldwide network of developers who create and share an ever growing collection of industry-leading solutions


Thousands of freely-available themes and optional features are easily installed, often in a matter of minutes. The flexible codebase supports rapid development of new features from custom forms to completely new applications.


Organizations using Drupal include the US White House, The Economist Magazine, Fast Company, Amherst College, Portland State University, University of Berkeley, Amnesty International, World Wildlife Fund, Sony Music, Warner Brothers Music, and many more.