Addon Domains vs. Parked Domains

Because it's easy to get them confused, and the consequences of making a mistake can be severe, here's a brief overview of the significant differences between Addon Domains and Parked Domains.

  Addon Domains Parked Domains
Directory Structure

The Addon Domain will point to a directory WITHIN your main directory. Note that cPanel will allow you to create an Addon Domain directory outside of /public_html, but if you do this, the process will fail, your site's DNS records may becoome corrupted, and recovery may be difficult.

The directory path will look something like this:

The Parked Domain will point to the same directory as your main domain, ussually "public_html". Thus both domains will return the identical content.

FTP Account

A new FTP account will be automatically created for the Addon Domain. This enables you to give people FTP access to the directory containing the Addon Domain without giving them FTP access to other files in your account.

Not applicable.