Avoiding Domain Name Hijacking

Domain Name Hijacking is defined as the wrongful transfer of a domain name from the rightful owner without permission. The hijacker accesses the domain name owner’s registrar account and modifies the domain name registration information to change ownership, or transfers it to another registrar altogether. Domain name hijacking has increased over the years, as domain names are stolen both for their value and to facilitate illegal activity and scams. You may not think your domain name is valuable or that you are a likely target for domain hijacking. 

What you can do

  1. Create personalized email accounts for your domain name registrations. Use strong PІΝs and passwords.
  2. Ensure your registrar accounts and domain names are in your name, and not in an employees’ or contractor's names. 
  3. Avoid sharing your your login information with subcontractors.
  4. Update the account’s email, password PIN, and payment information if you stop working employees or contractors that have account access. 
  5. Use a registrar that allows you to provide web developers limited access and control of your registrar accounts.
  6. Use a different password for each domain registration account.
  7. Do not access sensitive information online when on an unsecured wireless network, such as at an Internet cafe or airport.