Choosing Drupal Modules

Drupal excels when requirements are met using the thousands of freely available modules at drupal.orgDrupal development is more difficult when the right combination of modules is not obvious. 

Questions of performance, security, quality, and maintainability for each module are critical. Choosing the wrong set of modules can grind a complex project to a halt.

When planning a more complex Drupal project tough choices must be made between:

  1. using existing contributed modules,
  2. modifying existing modules (and contributing the improvements back to the community), 
  3. building new custom modules from scratch,
  4. or some combination of all that and more.

The CommunityGrove Drupal Module Reviews is our list of favorite go-to modules. The list focuses on the modules that work well for us or that we find interesting and plan to try.

Our small list is by no means comprehensive, and can not replace hard-earned experience. We welcome your suggestions and improvements

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