Creating a New Member Account

This information is for sites that allow people to create their own accounts. For security reasons, many sites turn this feature off. Check with your site administrator if you are not sure. In the following directions, replace with your site's actual URL.


  1. To create a new account. Either select "Create new account" if it is visible, or add /user/register to the root URL, for example:
  2. Enter your Username and your valid email address, and press Submit.
  3. An email with further instructions will be sent to the email address you entered. (Note: This extra step is important to provide protection from Spam bots and trolls.)
  4. Find this message in your email account. The message contains instructions for a one-time login.
  5. Clicking on the link in the email message takes you to a Password Reset page. Follow the directions, and enter a strong password. Adjust other settings as needed, and press Submit.
  6. On most sites, once you submit the form you will be returned to the same screen. This is the MOST confusing part! If you see the message, The changes have been saved, you are done. Feel free to move on. You do NOT need to enter the password again.