Drupal Books

The Book Content Type is one of the core content types that is installed automatically in all Drupal sites. It is a structured, multi-page documents such as resource guides, manuals, or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Books can have chapters, sections, subsections, etc.

You are reading a Drupal Book right now. The Table of Contents on the right is automatically generated as are the Previous and Next navigation links at the bottom of the page.

Features of Drupal Books

  • A dynamic Table of Contents is automatically created and displayed on each book page.
  • Each book page has Navigation Links for easily moving forward and backward through the book.
  • Visitors can select a Printer-Friendly Version that includes the page being viewed plus all of its subsections.

Editing Drupal Books

Book pages are edited just like other site content page. Multiple authors (with suitable permissions) can all edit a collaborative book, much like a wiki. Book pages can be easily reorganized, renamed, hidden or deleted. Although books have a unique content item that is optimized for this format, any other content item can be added to the book outline as well.

The Book Outline function makes editing titles and rearranging the order of pages easy.