Editing Menu Items

1) In your Admin Menu, choose Structure --> Menus --> and the name of the menu you want to edit.


2) In the resulting window, scroll down to the Menu Item you want to modify, and select the matching edit link.

3) This will bring up a form for modifying the Menu Item. Here, you can:

  1. Change the Menu link title (the text users click on),
  2. The Path (or page) the menu item points to,
  3. The Description (text that pops up when a user hovers their mouse over the menu item), 
  4. Show or hide the menu with the Enable checkbox,
  5. Show or hide submenu links with the Expanded checkbox. (Note that this features is theme dependent.)
  6. Change the Parent Link, and
  7. Adjust the Weight, which controls where the Menu Link lands in a list of links.

3) Once you've made the desired changes, press the Save button. The site will immediately display the new menu settings. If site caching is activated for your site (and it probably is), be sure to clear the cache so that your changes will be added to cached views. For more information on caching please see Clearing the Cache.