Verifying a Server Certificate in Your Email Application


SSL Certificates are used to prevent online criminals from hijacking website connections and posing as other servers. For example, such certificates ensure that the server your email application connects with is indeed the correct one. These certificates must be periodically renewed. When this happens, your email application will display a "Verify Certificate" notice asking you to verify the new certificate. For safety reasons, the connection to your email server will be blocked until you approve the new certificate.


  1. Select "Show Certificate".
  2. Review the certificate address to ensure that it is one you wish to approve. The below example is for a HostGator server, "*". Depending on your server setup, your server address many vary. If you do not recognize the server address do not accepted it.
  3. If the server address is legitimate, check the box that begins with, "Always trust..."
  4. Open the Trust tab and set all three settings to "Always Trust"
  5. After saving these settings, your email application should immediately begin successfully connecting again.