Show content from social networking sites

Like Box enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain Likes from within their website. The module provides a Drupal block that uses an iframe to import Facebook content. It allows users with 'administer blocks' permission to configure the different attributes provided by Facebook. Features include:

  • See how many users already like the related Facebook Page, and which friends like it as well.
  • Read recent posts from the related Facebook Page.
  • Like the Facebook Page with one click, without having to visit Facebook.

This module provides API integration with Twitter. It allows users to associate one or more Twitter accounts with their Drupal user accounts, list tweets through Views, post to their own Twitter account or a site-wide Twitter account whenever they create new content or based on Drupal Actions or Rules, log into their Drupal site via Twitter, and format twitter@usernames and #hashtags in their content as links to